Kiske - questions for possible fanclub interview

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Kiske - questions for possible fanclub interview

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Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:04 am

1. Is Unisonic officially over or is there a chance that it will continue sometime in the future?

2. Is Place Vendome over or can we expect a new album in 2021?

3. How does it feel to be sharing vocal duties on a permanent basis with another singer and not being the main frontman?

4. There were some shows during the 2018 Helloween tour, like Wacken, were you sounded strained and thin. Where you sick again or just tired?

5. Since you had vocal problems at the Madrid and Wacken show how come these 2 recordings were selected for the Live DVD and Live album?

6. The Pumpkins United tour was a long and tiring tour for you. What will you do to cope with extensive touring in the future?

7. You have strongly stated that you will never rejoin Helloween and that you never wanted to be in a pure metal band. Do you think that by returning to Helloween now you have in a way betrayed your ideals and the fans that supported Unisonic and your solo work?

8. Are there any plans for a future solo album or an Elvis tribute album?

9. Is your return to Helloween permanent or after the album and tour Kai will go back to Gamma Ray and you to your solo work/projects?

10. Does being back in Helloween mean that you will never go on tour with Avantasia again?

11. Is there any chance you will do another Kiske/Somerville album or will you quit doing projects from now on?

12. There have been rumours that a full recording of the 1988 material used in the "Helloween - Live In The UK" album still exists. Even Kai has mentioned it some years ago. Have you talked about a possible release of these recordings at some point?

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